Half Marathon Training Weeks 7,8, & 9

Happy 2017!! Hope the year is off to a great start for all of you. ¬†The first 16 days of the year has treated me well so far ūüôā

We’ve been busy the past few weekends with out-of-town guests so I apologize for the delayed post. ¬†I’ll get last week (week 10) up shortly. ¬†I’ve been spending less time on social media in the new year and more time taking care of myself so my posts for the next few weeks will be short and to the point.

Week 7 (Christmas Week) – didn’t do much this week besides a few walks with Winnie and some sprinting. ¬†Mike and I took Winnie on a good long walk around¬†one of the¬†beautiful parks in our city. ¬†Seriously love Gilbert and all the walking paths it has to offer.


Week 8

Monday Рshould have used the day off to get in a good long run but we woke up early to take Winnie to the vet and I was lazy the rest of the day.

Tuesday (Run) – 3 miles @ 13’07 pace

Wednesday ¬†(Strength Train) – Winnie woke us up multiple times in the middle of the night and needless to say I woke up on the “wrong” side of bed. ¬†Used a massage gift card I had received instead of going to the gym. ¬†Was so worth it!

Thursday (Rest Day)

Friday (Run) – 3.52 miles @ 11’42 pace

Saturday (Run) – 6 miles @ 11’10 pace


Week 9 – back in the swing of things!! The two weeks prior weren’t my best.

Monday (Run)- 3.15 mile run @ 10’41/mile pace

Tuesday (Strength Train) – quick but intense 15 minute Tone It Up K & K HIIT workout video before bed.

Wednesday (Run) – was supposed to run 4 miles but my left lower leg was in so much pain for some reason, both my shin and calf. ¬†Took it easy with a 2.35 mile jog @ 11’44/mile pace

Thursday (Strength Train) – Tone It Up Total Body workout video

Friday (Rest Day)

Saturday (Long Run) – 7 miles @ 10’39/mile pace

Sunday (Active Recovery) Рtwo 1 mile walks with Winnie around the neighborhood. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Also played mini golf with the hubs.

My mom was in town for New Year’s Weekend and we were able to show her around our new city. ¬†Mike’s brother, girlfriend, and daughter came to town as well which was fun. ¬†We had a full house but so glad to see everyone!




The Year of Love, Loss, and Change

As I look back at 2016 it brings up so many emotions. ¬†This year was a year of love, loss, and change. ¬†2016 was by far the best year of my life yet the scariest with more change than I could have imagined. ¬†It was a year of highs and lows and went something along the lines of this…began with my bachelorette party (high) followed by not completing a half marathon I had set out to accomplish (low) followed by our wedding (high) and so on and so forth.

They say that your first year of marriage is the toughest and if that’s the case then I think we’re set for the long haul. ¬†A VERY quick recap of 2016…got married, Mike’s grandfather passed away, moved (within CA), moved again (to Arizona), my step-fatherpassed away, got a new job, bought a house (which meant moving yet again), adopted a puppy…goodness I’m pooped!¬†Getting married, moving to a new state away from all your family and friends, and purchasing a home are more than enough changes and decisions for one year. ¬†Throw in 5 or 6 other weddings, losing two very special people in our lives, getting a new job, and a puppy and I’d say our year was¬†maxed out.

So much change within 9 months really takes a toll on your body and your mind! There’s been moments that I thought I was literally losing my mind, which obviously wasn’t the case. ¬†My mental focus was not nearly as strong this year and I didn’t accomplish some of my goals I had set out to accomplish but overall it was a very successful and incredibly memorable year. ¬†We never could have imagined what 2016 had in store for us but it definitely made our relationship even stronger and proved that we can handle anything life throws at us. ¬†As awesome as 2016 was I am looking forward to a hopefully mellow 2017 which will allow me to focus more time on my health both physically and mentally. ¬†I’m ready to enjoy the simplicity of life and embrace moments of doing nothing.

‚ÄúAs we come to the end of another year, don‚Äôt look back in regret or anger or disappointment. Instead, take the time to give yourself credit for all you‚Äôve accomplished and use the rest to motivate you, to help you grow, to help you strive forward.‚ÄĚ -Devon Yanko

As we close out the last few days of 2016 I have a mixture of emotions. ¬†I don’t want this year to end because it was so good to me yet I’m hopeful that 2017 will bring as much joy and less loss. ¬†This year more than ever I’m reminded that everything happens for a reason and life always ends up the way it’s meant to. ¬†Embrace change yet enjoy the stillness.

Happy Almost New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hello all and Happy New Year!!! I am so pumped for 2016, especially the next few months. ¬†Within the next 2 months I’ll run a half marathon, GET MARRIED, and go on an amazing honeymoon in Maui. ¬†Oh and did I mention, get in even better shape! I’m so excited ūüôā

For the next 60 days (59 because I’m a day¬†late posting) I’ll be completing a workout program that is WAY out of my comfort zone and unlike anything I’ve done before as well as¬†doing my best to eat clean, healthy meals. ¬†As you know I’m a runner and this program focuses more on building muscle by using heavier weights, plyometrics, and a customized schedule¬†to build strength. ¬†Like I said, way out of my comfort zone. ¬†Although running keeps me sane and thin I know I needed to work on building muscle. ¬†Confession: I can’t even do ONE real push-up (embarrassed face). Girl push-ups (on my knees) I have under control but I should be able to do at least one real push-up especially if this whole blog is related to being healthy. ¬†That’s how I knew I needed to really start focusing on building strength. ¬†Being healthy¬†consists of endurance AND strength. ¬†If you don’t use your muscles you lose your muscles and ain’t nobody got time for that. ¬†Keeping your muscles strong is especially important as we get older. ¬†So needless to say, I’m going to be in a lot of pain for the next 60 days but gradually getting stronger and healthier.

I’m going to do my best to post meals and updates to not only keep myself accountable but to hopefully motivate all of you. ¬†If you would like to learn more about the workout program I’m doing please leave a comment or email me at lovecookrun.com. ¬†I’m love to share the information with you.

Day 1 (Sunday, 1/3) – workout complete. Hadn’t meal planned yet so my food intake wasn’t the greatest.

Day 2 (today, 1/4) Рworkout complete.  I had to pause the program a few times because I thought I was going to pass out but I completed the full 30 minutes!! Meals were great.

M1: Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 Banana, 4oz Cold Coffee and 4oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

M2: Small Apple and Organic Mozzarella String Cheese

M3: Tuna, Olive, and Artichoke lettuce boats

M4: Two hard-boiled eggs with salt & pepper

M5: Asparagus, Brown Rice, and Extra Lean Ground Beef