Half Marathon Training Week 12 & Race Results

As you all know, the half marathon that I’ve been training for was this past Sunday and it went really well! I didn’t hit my 2:15 goal but I did run it in 2:19 which is 4 minutes faster than when I ran in 2014…three years older and 15 pounds heavier 🙂  I took the week of the race pretty easy so that I had fresh legs on Sunday.  Below is a quick recap:

Monday – 1.25 mile easy run on the treadmill + 10 minutes on the bike

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 20 minutes on the bike + 5 minutes of rowing

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 3 mile shakeout run with the Oiselle team.  This run was supposed to be at an easy pace but those girls are speedy so I ended up running faster than usual at a 9’56 pace with the 1st mile at 9’12! After the run Mike and I took Winnie to the Salt River to show her the water.  She wasn’t too sure about it but got in waist deep and absolutely loved being outside and the new terrain. Ended the day with pizza and beer…carb load perfection!


Sunday – Race day! 13.1 miles at an average of 10’32/mile pace.  Finished in just over 2 hours and 19 minutes.

Overall it was a pretty good run.  I felt solid until mile 10 when I slowed down quite a bit.  Miles 10 and 11 were tough physically and mentally but as soon as I saw the 12 mile marker I picked it up and finished strong.  It helped knowing that Mike was waiting for me at the finish line with a bottle of water and a hug 🙂 So happy he was able to finally see me run a half marathon! He was so proud and treated me to a yummy lunch of crab legs and oysters.  The Oiselle team was amazing as well.  They provided motivation and support along the course and encouraged me to keep going.  Like I mentioned, most of those ladies are speedy so they were all standing near the finish line cheering on the rest of us as we came by.  They definitely inspire me to keep training and working hard to reach my goals.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to sign up for the Mesa/Phx half marathon on February 25th.  My calves are pretty sore so I’m going to see how the rest of the week goes before I sign up.  I know one thing is for sure…I’m not going to stop running anytime soon! I’ve seen my pace pick up over the last few months and my heart rate decrease.  I feel like I’m just starting and still have a long way to go.  I was never an athlete growing up and I feel like this is my time.  This is the time to prove to myself that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined.  That I am an athlete.  That I am strong.

I started day 1 of this 12 week plan running 2 miles at a 13’38/mile average and ended it with 13.1 miles at a 10’32/mile average.  This is a great reminder that all good things take time.  You will get faster and stronger if you put in the work.


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