Half Marathon Training Weeks 2,3, & 4

Sorry for not posting my training for the past two weeks I was a little preoccupied with our new house!! Yep, we bought a home and I couldn’t be happier 🙂  I honestly never thought I’d own a home…it’s so surreal.

Weeks 2 and 3 were pretty much nonexistent as far as training goes.  If you’ve ever moved you know that it’s exhausting and a workout on its own!!

Week 2 recap:

Monday – Grumpy & tired haha.  Didn’t run although I should have cause it would’ve made me feel better.

Tuesday (2.5 miles @ easy pace) – Duration Drill on the treadmill (Women’s Running Mag).  Kept my pace the same the whole time and increased the time spent running followed by a fast walk.  Example: 1 min @ 5.0, 1 min @4.0, 2 min @ 5.0, 2 min @ 4.0, and so on.

Wednesday – Did our final walkthrough on our house after work.  Too excited to go to the gym (excuses, excuses) 🙂

Thursday – Celebrated signing our closing docs with a yummy steak dinner and drinks.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Moved into our new house!!! Got in plenty of steps and a great upper body workout haha.  No gym required.

Week 3 recap:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – If I wasn’t at work I was working on the house.  A new home is A LOT of work!!

Thursday – Thanksgiving! Drove to CA to spend the day with family

Friday – Spent the day with friends in CA

Saturday – Drove home from CA

Sunday – House, House, House…alllll day. Signed up for a new gym membership knowing that I needed to jump back into the swing of things Monday.

I definitely could have made time for more running but I don’t feel bad or guilty about it.  Spending this time getting our home together was important to me.

Week 4 recap:

Monday – up at 5AM and off to the gym! Was able to get in 2 miles @ 12’10/mile average.  Not the best but better than nothing.

Tuesday – Strength train at home in the morning

Wednesday – Went to the gym after work with Mike and ran 2.94 miles @ 11’40/mile average pace.

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – 2.5 miles @ 11’19/mile pace at the gym in the morning

Saturday – 5.83 miles @ 11’55/mile pace.  Ended the day with 20,000+ steps!

Sunday – Active Recovery.  I’ll go for a nice long walk today 🙂

Here’s a few pics of the new home:


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