Arizona Living Part 1

Before I start I want to give a quick shout out to my amazing friends who sent me off with a stack of the sweetest little cards to open while living in Arizona.  So thoughtful and I’ll cherish these little pieces of paper forever.  I am still continuing to open them slowly and love each and every one.  THANK YOU ladies, you’re the best and I miss you SO much!!


As much as I do miss my family and friends, I have to say…I love Arizona!! Between the delicious restaurants, gorgeous scenery, abundance of lakes, and running trails galore we are definitely not bored and are soaking up all that Arizona has to offer.  The heat has been an adjustment but you just figure out ways to stay cool and wake up early to get outdoor activities out of the way.  We experienced our first haboob aka dust storm and quite a few thunderstorms which are pretty cool.  I could live without the dust storms but monsoons are pretty rad.  The sky is always different and even though the leaves don’t change, you can definitely feel the change in weather.

We are currently living in Scottsdale at a friend’s rental condo until we can buy a home in Gilbert which we are praying will happen by the end of the year.  Scottsdale is beautiful and has so much to offer but it’s a little fancy for us and out of our price range.  While we are here we’re enjoying the food and the view!  One of the best places to have cocktails and watch the sunset is Isabella’s Kitchen.  The food isn’t anything special but the view makes up for it and the Mexican Mule is perfectly thirst quenching. It’s a place you have drinks at after work then head home or elsewhere for dinner.

Another gem in Grayhawk (our community) is The Morning Joint aka Mojo’s! We typically have breakfast here at least once a week and it is super yummy.  Small little breakfast spot at the golf course that offers healthy options and one of the best iced coffees around.  Mike and I split a breakfast burrito and just enjoy the cool morning weather.  It’s close enough to walk to although I haven’t talked Mike into that just yet 😉  He’s warming up to it.  If you are in the area you must go to Mojo’s for breakfast!


A few of our other favorite spots here in Grayhawk are The Living Room and Kale & Clover. The Living Room has an awesome happy hour and lunch specials and a super cool open air environment.  It was the very first place we went to when we arrived in Scottsdale and we’ve been a few times since then.  Kale & Clover has so many great healthy options and are allergy friendly.   The buffalo cauliflower is surprisingly good (even Mike liked it) and the Southwest Quinoa bowl has so much flavor and is super filling.  I couldn’t even finish it all.

That’s just a little sneak peek into our life here in Arizona.  I’ll be back soon with a few more updates and I promise I’ll get back to health & fitness posts! Don’t worry, I’m still running and eating healthy…most of the time 🙂


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