Rest Days and Refueling

Thank God for rest days!! According to my plan, today was a rest day and I welcomed it with open arms.  I unfortunately still feel a little under the weather and I know my body needed rest.  Even though I didn’t have a workout to complete I did my best to eat within the plan and get my necessary macros.  Mike and I went out to dinner since neither of us felt like cooking and it’s always nice to get out of the house every once in awhile.  Plus I was craving spicy kalbi soup on this cold rainy day! If you haven’t had kalbi soup you have to try it!! It’s similar to egg drop soup but with beef short rib and mushrooms in it also.  And it has a little spicy kick to it.  I’ve only had it from Gyu-Kaku (Japanese BBQ) but I believe it’s a pretty popular soup. In addition to soup I knew I still needed to consume two more servings of protein today and Gyu-Kaku was the perfect place to do that.  If you haven’t been to Japanese BBQ it’s a lot of meat!

Since starting this program I’m realizing I don’t normally eat half as much protein as I probably should.  I’m more of a fruit and veggie girl with protein for dinner.  The nutrition program that goes along with my workout routine suggests I get at least 4 servings of protein a day and I’m surprised at how difficult it has been for me.  I definitely feel a lot more full throughout the day which is great and haven’t had any sweet cravings.

Anyway, below was my meal plan for the day.  You’ll notice I eat a lot of the same items throughout the week.  It keeps the grocery shopping list down which means I’m spending less money and less time making food.  As I mentioned the other day, I made a large portion of the tuna salad on Sunday so that Mike and I could eat it for a few days.  Less work the better!

M1: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology with 1/2 banana, 4oz coffee, and 4oz water.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Shakeology is amazing!! It’s packed with vitamins, protein, prebiotics, probiotics, greens, and more.  It keeps me full for hours, provides energy, and keeps me “regular” (TMI?), while also preventing cravings.  One cup wonder.

M2: Tomato & Cucumber salad (same as yesterday)

M3: Tuna Boats (same as Monday)

M4: Grapes & String Cheese (same as yesterday)

M5: Cup of kalbi soup, 2 oz new york strip steak, 2 oz bistro hanger steak, 2 oz mahi mahi, cabbage kimchi, and about 2 tablespoons of bibimbap rice (I could’ve eaten the whole bowl it was so good).  I kept all my portion sizes small so that I could still enjoy everything without overeating.

Tomorrow it’s back to getting my a*s handed to me so until then I’ll be on the couch 😉




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