Happy New Year!

Hello all and Happy New Year!!! I am so pumped for 2016, especially the next few months.  Within the next 2 months I’ll run a half marathon, GET MARRIED, and go on an amazing honeymoon in Maui.  Oh and did I mention, get in even better shape! I’m so excited 🙂

For the next 60 days (59 because I’m a day late posting) I’ll be completing a workout program that is WAY out of my comfort zone and unlike anything I’ve done before as well as doing my best to eat clean, healthy meals.  As you know I’m a runner and this program focuses more on building muscle by using heavier weights, plyometrics, and a customized schedule to build strength.  Like I said, way out of my comfort zone.  Although running keeps me sane and thin I know I needed to work on building muscle.  Confession: I can’t even do ONE real push-up (embarrassed face). Girl push-ups (on my knees) I have under control but I should be able to do at least one real push-up especially if this whole blog is related to being healthy.  That’s how I knew I needed to really start focusing on building strength.  Being healthy consists of endurance AND strength.  If you don’t use your muscles you lose your muscles and ain’t nobody got time for that.  Keeping your muscles strong is especially important as we get older.  So needless to say, I’m going to be in a lot of pain for the next 60 days but gradually getting stronger and healthier.

I’m going to do my best to post meals and updates to not only keep myself accountable but to hopefully motivate all of you.  If you would like to learn more about the workout program I’m doing please leave a comment or email me at lovecookrun.com.  I’m love to share the information with you.

Day 1 (Sunday, 1/3) – workout complete. Hadn’t meal planned yet so my food intake wasn’t the greatest.

Day 2 (today, 1/4) – workout complete.  I had to pause the program a few times because I thought I was going to pass out but I completed the full 30 minutes!! Meals were great.

M1: Chocolate Shakeology with 1/2 Banana, 4oz Cold Coffee and 4oz Unsweetened Almond Milk

M2: Small Apple and Organic Mozzarella String Cheese

M3: Tuna, Olive, and Artichoke lettuce boats

M4: Two hard-boiled eggs with salt & pepper

M5: Asparagus, Brown Rice, and Extra Lean Ground Beef



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