Thirst Quenchers

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Most of us associate this phrase with margaritas and buckets of beer but today I’m bringing you a different kind of thirsty thursday, a healthier one of course…wah wah 😉

I am the queen of always having a beverage with me wherever I go.  Whether it is a travel mug with coffee or my favorite green Lifefactory bottle full of water, I absolutely hate being thirsty.  Plus, having a low-cal or better yet no-cal beverage in hand prevents me from chewing aspartame infused gum or stuffing my mouth with munchies and obviously it’s CRUCIAL to stay hydrated for proper body function.  I wanted to share with you a few of my absolute favorite alcohol free thirst quenchers in no particular order.

La Croix

I have to thank my friend and old roommate Maggie for introducing me to La Croix a few years back, thank you Maggie!!  She is a sucker for carbonated beverages and was trying to cut back on soda so she started drinking flavored sparkling water.  Unfortunately, most flavored waters contain some sort of sugar substitute, usually aspartame.  She came across La Croix at Target and noticed it didn’t contain any sugar substitute or other funky ingredients.  She brought some back to the apartment, I had one and now I’m hooked.  La Croix comes in so many different flavors and each one of them is a joy to put in your mouth.  The perfect companion to my sandwich at lunch.



Let me start by saying, OH MY GOSH…this stuff is delicious!  I’ve heard about Shakeology for a few months now but just assumed it was another gross meal replacement shake; it’s not.  Shakeology is a delicious, satisfying superfood shake that reduces food cravings, increases energy levels, and improves digestion.  It’s super creamy and can be blended with a variety of ingredients to create a smoothie of choice.  I’ve had Shakeology for breakfast the past few days and I can officially say I’m hooked.  I personally drink the vegan chocolate and vegan strawberry flavors but it comes in a variety of non vegan flavors as well.  Bye bye expensive coffee and smoothie shops, hello Shakeology!

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Every morning without fail I have to have a cup of coffee.  It’s like that saying, “no talkie without coffee”.  I don’t come alive until I have a cup of joe.  This year I discovered Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee and my mornings will never be the same.  Most flavored coffees are artificially flavored but not this one!  They use all natural ingredients to create this strong, spicy, pumpkin amazingness in a cup.  The pumpkin flavor isn’t too overpowering and the spice level is just right.  The difference between this pumpkin coffee and Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee is night and day.  I would definitely recommend stocking up on this stuff because it sells out quick!

FullSizeRender (1)

Naturally Flavored Water

Strawberries, lemon, lime, cucumber, raspberries…the flavor combinations are endless!  Grab some fruit, throw it in your water and you’re good to go!  If you are one of those people who struggle to get the recommended 64 ounces of water a day I would suggest trying flavored water.  Cut up a couple strawberries and put them in your water bottle, fill it up with cold water and enjoy.  I drink water all day at work and when I’m getting bored with my lemon water I’ll switch it up and use cucumbers the next day.  This way I never get bored with the same ‘ol water.

IMG_1389With all of these delicious healthy drink options you should never go thirsty again!  You’re welcome 🙂


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